New Service Request

Welcome to the Post Oak SUD Community.  The procedures are different if you require service where no water service has existed before (NEW SERVICE), or if you require service where there has been previous service (EXISTING SERVICE).  Please read below regarding the request for NEW service and the request for EXISTING service. We look forward to serving your water needs. 



STEP 1: The first step is tendering the Service Application, $4,300 in fees* (by check, cash or money order), and a survey of your property to send to the engineers.   In addition, pay a $500 deposit by separate check, cash, or money order.  If the service is not completed, Post Oak will return $4,050 in fees and your $500 deposit 

Once Post Oak has the items above, we will send the information to the engineers. (Takes about 5-10 business days to receive the Engineers Hydraulic Study) 

We ask that you put a stake in the ground with a flag for where you would like the meter placed.

STEP 2: Tender to Post Oak a Right of Way Easement which must be stamped by a notary. You must attach a copy of the warranty deed or contract for deed filed in the court with recording information.

STEP 3: After we hear back from the engineers, our general manager will tell you whether your proposed service requires a line extension or other work, and a ballpark estimate of the expense to you.   

If you have any questions, please let us know. The telephone number for our general manager is 254 855-5655.  Our address is 107 NE 2nd St, Hubbard, TX and our hours are 8:30 AM-12 PM & 1 PM-4PM Monday-Friday. We have a locked drop box on the right side of the door where you can drop documents/payments if the office is not open. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 545, Hubbard, TX 76648.

*other fees may apply



Submit a Service Application with a separate check, money order, or cash for each of the following items:

Deposit: $500

Connection fee: $600*

*other fees occasionally apply

For existing service, the water should be turned on within a reasonable period of time unless you owe Post Oak previous amounts of money